Win IdeaCoins From Contests and Sharing

MindMiner Wallet

Earn IdeaCoins Directly to Maximize ETH Royalty Rewards

Avoid the need to first earn and convert Idea Points by winning IdeaCoins directly.

You can directly earn IdeaCoins when you win a problem contest jackpot.

You can also earn IdeaCoins by leading a MindMiner group or contest.

You will receive an IdeaCoin reward whenever someone mints an Idea NFT, so long as the Idea NFT’s invention is tagged with the group or contest that you lead. ┬áThe more you engage, the more opportunities you have to track your group’s progress and earn IdeaCoins

The balance of IdeaCoins in your crypto wallet will dictate the Ethereum reward amount that you receive.

Ethereum rewards are released when the MindMiner piggy bank target is reached from the sales of Idea NFTs.