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MindMiner rewards you for leveraging AI to discover new, valuable product concepts

Learn which activities earn rewards for you on MindMiner

Your ideas are the currency

Selling your concepts without others stealing your ideas is hard.

Turn your concepts into patent pending assets as Idea NFTs.

Activate your network to earn crypto

Lead groups to find solutions and ideas and earn crypto rewards.


Group types include:

(like Climate Change)

(like Northwestern University)

(like Denver, Colorado)

Incorporate your consumers’ ideas

Companies struggle to get consumer ideas to create better products.  


Cultivate and incentivize consumer feedback by leading contests and purchasing your consumers’ Idea NFTs.  


create patent application

Create patent applications


MindMiner allows you to autogenerate a provisional patent application for each of your inventions inexpensively and efficiently.

Mint & sell Idea NFTs


By creating an Invention on MindMiner, you can link it to an Invention NFT for anyone to buy or sell on the OpenSea marketplace.  Or, submit solutions for others to use to earn IdeaCoin crypto rewards.

Crowdsource ideas


Connect with inventors of diverse backgrounds to encourage improvements to your ideas with product contests.    Automate assignments of invention rights.  Earn crypto rewards.

Mint an Idea NFT on MindMiner

Create, Collect and Sell Patent Pending Digital Assets on Polygon

Collaborate with others to solve humanity’s most pressing problems.

MindMiner empowers you to turn your combined solutions into inventions and patent applications.  MindMiner handles the patent creation, filing and assignment of each invention you create to an idea NFT.

You can collect idea NFTs and sell them directly, on external marketplaces like OpenSea, or from within MindMiner itself.