Combine the crowd's ideas with your own

Others earn IdeaCoin crypto rewards when you add their solutions into your Idea NFT
Start earning crypto from your ideas for free

Set IdeaCoin Bounties

Identify problems with your inventions and solutions, and then create bounties for others to solve them.  MindMiner walks users through the process of innovating, to empower everyone to contribute meaningful ideas.

Automate IP Assignment

MindMiner leverages DocuSign to ensure that all invention and solution assignments are properly executed.   When an Invention NFT is created incorporating inventive content, the DocuSign executed assignments are stored on the blockchain and accessible in the metadata of the Invention NFT.

Ideas from Everyone

Yes, you’re brilliant.  But even the most brilliant ideas can be improved. 

Leverage vetting and improvements from the crowd for your ideas to enhance the value of the Invention NFTs and patent applications that you create on MindMiner.

Mine Your Mind

Solutions can be hard to find.  Make it easier by following MindMiner idea groups that you relate with.  

When you find a group to contribute to, add your solutions to group problems.   You will earn IdeaCoin crypto rewards tied to the aggregated value of inventions created on MindMiner. 

The best part?  Earning IdeaCoins from the solutions you add is free.