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Democratize Idea Assets

MindMiner democratizes access to idea assets by creating patent pending idea NFTs and AI-automated patent applications.

Maximize Your Ideas’ Potential

After helping hundreds of clients and founding multiple successful patent-heavy companies of his own, MindMiner’s patent attorney founder realized that most people with good ideas needed a better way to protect and sell their solutions.


MindMiner’s AI helps you brainstorm product concepts before automating patent pending rights that you can sell as a digital asset.

Sell Your Concepts

MindMiner was built to automate patent pending protection in new concepts and to make it easier to buy and sell ideas.  

It leverages NFTs to allocate ownership of invention rights.  As a result, those with new concepts can sell their ideas more easily.

Build Better Solutions Together

The best solutions often come from many regular people, rather than one genius.  

MindMiner walks each solution creator through the innovation process, allocating and recording invention rights by leveraging NFTs.

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