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Tokenize your ideas.
Mint and sell Invention NFTs, create new patent applications, and earn IdeaCoin rewards for your inventive contributions.
Invent to Earn IdeaCoins and NFTs

Mint & sell Idea NFTs from your concepts, earn IdeaCoin crypto rewards


By creating an Invention on MindMiner, you can link it to an Invention NFT for anyone to buy or sell on the OpenSea marketplace.  Or, submit solutions for others to use to earn IdeaCoin crypto rewards.

create patent application

Create patent applications


MindMiner allows you to autogenerate a provisional patent application for each of your inventions inexpensively and efficiently.

Crowdsource improvements to your product concepts


Connect with inventors of diverse backgrounds to encourage improvements to your ideas with product contests, with automated assignments of invention rights.

Join MindMiner for Free

Participate in and earn rewards from the MindMiner community, with no obligation.

Create a single patent application and mint one Invention NFT

Protect and sell your solutions, ideas and inventions efficiently.

Subscribe for unlimited patent applications and crowd brainstorming

Individual or organization subscriptions provide unlimited benefits to help you advance meaningful innovations.